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Courses of Chinese
International Kazakh-Chinese language academy invites you to intensive course of learning Chinese.
Opened the door of the world
College of International Kazakh-Chinese academy began its work in 2008-2009 academic years.
The new issue came out
The latest issue (№4-1, 2008-2009 /8-9/) of magazine “Erke-Nur” came out. Pages of the magazine begin from speech of President of company “Erke-Nur” Farida Marhamitkyzy which was heard on the fifth forum of Women of Kazakhstan on the 5th of March in Astana.
The Seventh international cinemafestival “Shaken zhuldyzdary”
  The Seventh international cinemafestival “Shaken zhuldyzdary” was in Almaty.
We have won a world prize.
The “Erke-Nur” company has won the International prize which is called “Platinovaya Bulavka” and it has been given for a high quality and an exclusive work. The Other Ways Management from France which determines the best quality of the trade mark in the World and the International Consulting Society have celebrated their 5 years anniversary in Berlin City, Germany and invited the best manufacturer...

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